Natural Pest Repellent Sprays

Natural Pest Repellent Sprays
We are leading manufacturers of Natural Pest Repellent Sprays having our state of art manufacturing base with in house R & D at Chennai. Only one of its kind where ancient & Modern knowledge blends effectively to happily drive / repel away all sorts of pest in most humane, eco friendly, Non violent & Safe way with following Benefits
  • Free from Poison / Toxins
  • Smell Great
  • Safe for Kids & Pets
  • Self spray bottle
  • Covers 1000 sqft space Approx
  • No side Effect

Ancient Wisdom " Pests Never Develop Resistance to Natural Products"

  • Natural Mosquito Repellent
  • Natural Lizard Repellent
  • Natural Rat Repellent
  • Natural Pest Repellent - Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, centipedes Etc.
  • Natural Bed Bug Repellent
  • Natural Termite Repellent
  • Natural House Fly Repellent
  • Natural Snake Repellent
  • Natural Smell Repellent
  • Natural Plant Growth Promoter
  • Natural Plant Fungus Spray
  • Natural Surface Cleaner
  • Natural Room Spray
  • Natural Pest Repellent Concentrate (For outer Areas)
  • Natural Car Reed Freshner

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